Experience day International Campus SSML San Domenico Rome Imagine your Future! Interpreting and translation studies.


Are you thinking about studying at SSML University institution ? Come and join our friendly on campus team for half day experience. This will give you an opportunity to understand our university life. Take a deeper look into the various programs on offer. Join in a tour of our great facilities, and gain the chance to speak to our current students in their 1st, 2nd or 3rd year of study.
See what to expect, learn about scholarships, financial advice and career planning while gathering a greater understanding of your own personalized program structure.

Presentation of SSML San Domenico-international Campus and educational programs.

Open Tour.

Coffe Time with the teachers and the Students of SSML San Domenico-International Campus.


Open Classes
Participation in lessons of SSML San Domenico-International Campus .

Experience day SSML San Domenico –International Campus is a practical and engaging way for secondary school students to get a taste of life as a university student.
During the Experience day , students can take part in a full day program that includes an interactive activity and two interest area sessions. We have worked closely with our academics to produce meaningful experiences that will give your students a comprehensive insight into university study.
A great opportunity to learn more about the educational offer of SSML San Domenico, confronted with some teachers, interpreters and translators, but also have the opportunity to visit the campus . Career and professionalism are our specificities that together with UNITALIA the association of the interpreters and translators and the languages are the distinctive elements of SSML San Domenico-International Campus .
The Translation and Interpreting BA is open to native and non-native speakers of English, who combine Italian with any of the following languages: Chinese, French, English, German, Arabic, Russian, Japanese or Spanish. The course will provide you with professional training aimed at the translation and interpreting markets, building on your existing language skills to develop a career in those sectors.

“Experience Day” : #EvryThursday

Book your Open Day contacting:
Telefhone: 06 27801150 |Fax: 06 92912348
E-mail: info@ssmlsandomenico.it

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